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Property Management




Mashcole provides detailed monthly financial statements to all of its clients. The company is proud to exclusively use Yardi property management software as our financial infrastructure. Each month, we provide the following reports to our clients:

  • Cash Flow Report
  • Income Statement
  • Budget Comparison Report
  • Detailed Income Registers (itemizing each dollar collected at your property)
  • Detailed Expense Registers (itemizing each dollar spent at your property
  • General Ledger (detailing every line item transaction at your property)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Check register
  • Rent Roll
  • Bank Reconciliation (check and balance to support money spent from your operating account)
  • Copy of actual operating bank statement from banking institution

Up to-Date Technology

Mashcole Property Management is proud to exclusively utilize Yardi property management software to support the operations of its portfolio. Yardi is considered the premier management software in the industry. For our larger properties, generally 25 units and above, we implement “Yardi Voyager.” This is the most advanced software offered by Yardi. Voyager is enterprise-based software, allowing the on-site property staff to execute many tasks, including traffic reports, rent collections, and lease expirations.

This state of the art web based software allows our clients to access data specific to their asset from their home or office.

Mortgages, Taxes and Insurance Payments

Mashcole Property Management understands that paying your asset’s mortgage, property insurance, and property taxes are a top priority to the efficient operation of the asset. Our accounting department has developed successful checks and balances systems which ensure that all priority payments are made on time.


Mashcole Property Management will prepare a detailed operating budget for your asset. This budget is generally prepared by your regional supervisor, and then reviewed for accuracy by the Mashcole accounting department and by the principals of the company. Mashcole then presents and reviews the budget with the client to ultimately approve. Each month, clients receive a “Budget Comparison” report that demonstrates how their asset is operating compared to the budget.

Construction/Renovation Operation

Whether your asset is in need of a roof replacement, or perhaps a complete unit interior renovation, Mashcole Property Management is ready, willing and able to provide you and your asset with construction and renovation services. Mashcole has both internal personnel as well as outside contractors who are experienced and well-versed with multi- family construction and renovation services. Depending on the size of the project, Mashcole generally charges a fee for these services. However, if these projects are smaller in nature, they are generally included within the day-to-day scope of our services. The internal staff at Mashcole has been involved and/or directly supervised renovation projects ranging from $500,000 to $10,000,000 construction budgets.

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Corporate Office: 4764 Park Granada Suite 200, Calabasas, CA 91302
Satellite Office: 3846 E Anaheim St, Long Beach, CA 90804

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